Juju’s 1st Gerge’an Outfit From @Unique_by_Fatma


My beautiful baby girl received an awesome gift from @unique_by_fatma (instagram) which is a Gerge3an outfit. It is a set that has a dress, vest, a russian doll, a hair band and a gerge3an bag.

I didn’t think it’s going to be that good but it was soooo beautiful when Juju wore it and the sewing is very fine and clean.

What I loved the most is the Russian doll that can be worn on the hand as you can see in the pictures. And the flowery hair band is really beautiful, specially on my lil duck’s head ❤

Now I can’t wait for Ramadan to come to take Juju to her 2nd photo shoot 🙂

Thank you Fatma and wish you the best and may you have a safe delivery.








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9 thoughts on “Juju’s 1st Gerge’an Outfit From @Unique_by_Fatma

  1. Awww that looks so adorable!! 😀

  2. خوش دراعه ما شاء الله وما حلت الا على جوجو الناطعه
    تعالوا قرقعوا عندنا خل نترس جيسها هههههه

  3. ياختي ياحلو البنيات ، تهبل عليها الله يحفظها بس سارة وين المضاعد 😛

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