Thank You LadyB


Juju started receiving gifts (ya5ty wallah)

I’ve received a gift for Juju which was a Tee that has the print of Baby Cabbage … My favorite childhood doll. Remember my previous post about them? I’m dying to get one for Juju. They’re not available in here but I’ve found them on and will order one once Juju is old enough 🙂

The tee is sooo cute and adorable, the quality of the print is really good and the bow of the cabbage doll adds an extra touch to the look. As you can see it looks gorgeous on Baby Jana.

We loved it … Thank you LadyB.

If you want to order a tee for your baby girl, you can email her on:



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4 thoughts on “Thank You LadyB

  1. Awww darling you are more than welcome, mu bqadrej wallah I had the little girl in mind since you had her but been busy like hell ..
    Seeing people around me happy makes it a whole lot better, and I can’t explain how it fills me with joy ❤

  2. Adorable.. hehe Juju makes the shirt even more beautiful! 😛

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