Thank You @Laki_Noon


On the eve of my birthday, a driver came knocking on our doors delivering a package for Madame Sarah. The shape of the box said it’s a cake but who would send a cake?

I opened the box immediately and say a beautiful owl cake with a “Happy Birthday” message. I swear I looked like a lil child with my mouth wide open πŸ˜€ I’ve always wanted someone to surprise me with an owl cake and it happened this year hehe πŸ˜€

I wondered who’s the sender and it turned out to be the beautiful ladies behind @Laki_Noon (instagram) store. I can’t thank them enough for this beautiful surprise. You’ve made my day ladies :***

The cake was by @faitmaisonq8 (instagram). The details of the cake was so beautiful and clean as you can see from the pictures. Oh and the owl, how cuuuuute ❀ The flavor was pistachio and vanilla. Never tried pistachio before because I’m a red velvet addict but this one was sooo delicious and fluffy, not heavy at all. Very light and delicious.

Again and again and again,,,Thank you lovely ladies πŸ™‚




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4 thoughts on “Thank You @Laki_Noon

  1. aaaw that is one sweet cake, happy belated birthday sweetie :***

  2. Awww looks absolutely delicious!!

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