Bice Mare Experience-Soft Opening


Remember my post about Bice Restaurant? Well, now the restaurant is opening a new branch specialized only in seafood which is called Bice Mare located in Marina Waves next to Maki.

The place is not as big as Bice in Alhamra Tower. This one is small and cozy. I think reservation is needed because on days it might be full house. Anyways, as I said small and cozy, very marine like; the colors of the interior white and blue, so beautiful and relaxing. Very romantic for couples specially when you go for dinner.

The place is set to open next week nshallah serving dinner only until after Ramadan where they will start serving lunch and dinner. It’s just a matter of finalizing their menu and then the restaurant will open.

I don’t have to talk about the quality of food, do I? The service was great, the same people who served us at Bice, they were there to make sure every thing goes as planned.

They had a set menu for this event (as I said they’re still working on their menu), so we didn’t have the option of choosing. The menu turned out to be great as you can see n the pictures below.

Thank you Bice Group and wish you all the best. Check out what they served us;


Welcome drinks





Fresh Italian Bread


Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Balsamic Vinegar is the best combination for your bread


Complimentary Tuna pan fried and dipped in watermelon sauce

Verdict: a new weird taste comes to my mouth, at first what’s that but then when you finish the whole thing, it’s like “hhmmm weird but wow”


Giant Prawns cooked with Citrus Sauce

Verdict: Magnifico as the Italians say. You can’t feel the citrus sauce at all. Some people might hate this kind of sauce but i’m telling you it’s not that obvious, it just gives this dish an extra delicious flavor. Even when you eat the mini bites of orange, you can’t feel it’s really orange. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Ravioli filled with Lobster and cooked with Prawns and Basil

Verdict: Juicy and delicious. Filled with lobster, basil and tomato sauce. This is the first time I try Lobster with Basil and Tomato,loved the experience. You have to try it. Oh and the portion was more than enough for 1 person.


Baked Turbot filet with artichoke, black truffle, zucchini and carrots.

Verdict: This was our main course which I liked very much. Very light and delicious, you can feel it’s very healthy and good for your body. Healthy and yummy, the best combination anyone could ask for. Highly Recommended


Selection from their desserts with espresso


Thank you Bice team for the amazing night


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