Giolitti Gelato @The_Avenues


I’ve always wanted to try Giolitti‘s ice cream but since I shop heavy and not to mention a baby stroller with me so I kinda get lazy to go up stairs (next to Elevation Burger). Last week, I was there for an event and didn’t any shopping so we decided to have something light. Why not Giolitti?

The decoration of the place is really beautiful & marvelous with the huge chandeliers. It just leaves you speechless. You will get inside the place with your mouth open and your eyes up looking at the beautiful lights 😛

The staff were very nice and helpful. They let us try many kinds of ice cream until we settled on 2 kinds. My sister had chocolate and me peach. My sister said that her chocolate was delicious but very very heavy, she couldn’t finish even though she got the small cup. Mine was very tasty and summery, very peachy and light. But still I couldn’t finish it. So the conclusion is, 2 can share a small cup of ice cream from Giolitti, they add a decent portion of ice cream in the small one.

You have to try it, I will go back to try other kinds.





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One thought on “Giolitti Gelato @The_Avenues

  1. next time jrbay el-raspberry latheeeth 🙂

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