@MustardKW Open Their 1st Branch


It’s really nice seeing small businesses grow day after day until they reach the top and expand locally and internationally. For our Mustarders, they are growing locally mashallah and who knows nshallah internationally. They’ve just opened their 1st branch in Altilal Complex exactly in 52 Degrees (Vinny’s before). I’ve tried their burger last year, gotta say it was delicious and many things have been improved.

 My Mustard Experience Last Year

Other kinds of burgers and stuff have been added to their menu, the quality of the fries have been improved, became more delicious. The place is very spacious and wide, very relaxing for lunch or early dinner. The staff very nice and helpful. The prices are OK!

Now let’s see what we’ve tried this time 😉







Rocket Salad

Verdict: One of the best rocket salads i’ve ever eaten if not the best one. very delicious and the quality of the dried tomato used in the salad very good, you can know it from the taste. The dressing was just perfect and the portion was more than enough. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Chicken Wings

Verdict: Not that good


Mini Corn Dogs

Verdicts: DELICIOUS. When you see them you go like “aaawww how cute”. They are really cute and mini, also yummy 🙂 You have to try them!


closer caption


Regular Fries

Verdict: Ok the quality of their regular fries have been really improved. I can say it’s perfect now. before it was good, but now it’s amazing.


Single Burger

Verdict: My sister loved it, she said it was very light delicious, as if i didn’t eat anything at all! I had the double one last year which I loved.


Smoke Wood Burger

Verdict: This is new to their menu and i love trying new things specially when it has BACON *yum yum*. Just as my sister said, this one was very light and yummy, juicy and melts in your mouth so fast. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Thank you Mustard and wish you all the best.

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2 thoughts on “@MustardKW Open Their 1st Branch

  1. loved your review, I love their burgers too and im not a fan of their fries either, I love your honesty in this post

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