Book Review: Manuscript Found in Accra


Another book by Paulo Coelho fails to please me and satisfy my literature obsession. It’s supposed to be a Historical Fiction but there is no actual story at all. The Copt speaks to the people of Accra (Jerusalem) before the day the European invaders are supposed to come & butcher the whole city. All people from all religions; Muslims, Jews & Christians gather together to seek knowledge, patience & courage from this wise man called The Copt who answers their questions about love, enemies, loyalty, elegance, weapons, usefulness and many other questions.

Now the way this books is written & narrated is very interesting but some points are very useless, you try to make sense from the words of The Copt but you fail to link them to the main goal of this manuscript.

If you’re feeling down, depressed, or sad, this book will definitely help you out and boost your confidence or self-esteem, it’s like reading The Secret in a different way. I was looking for a story, which wasn’t there at all.

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4 thoughts on “Book Review: Manuscript Found in Accra

  1. i never like these kind of book, actually you inspired to write a book review, so i did one on my blog, i did a review on my favorite book ” the uglies”.

    • will def check ur review as i like to read about books!

      i thought this one will be good but it wasn’t at all!

  2. Spartan

    why is Jerusalem referred to as Accra?? as far as i know, Accra is the caiptal of the Republic of Ghana

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