June, Terror, & 30


June, Terror, & Number 30
The day i’ve been waiting for is coming … On June 21st I will complete 30 years of craziness & wiseness! Not that I’m loving that day, well it’s my birthday im supposed to love it but I want to know how it will be like being 30.
Yes, it’s scaring me. Because even when people ask you about your age & you reply “29” you still feel young, there is a “2” in the left number but saying you’re “30” is kinda different! The number feels huge & big.
Will i be wiser?! Of course no doubt with that but will i be crazier?! No doubt with that too πŸ™‚ i have lots of things to do & share with my family & beloved ones.
So whateve June 21st is hiding for me, let it be! I will be ready to face that day with a big smile on my face (ok i might be lying a bit) πŸ˜› but for sure I will be happy to start a new chapter in my life & write every moment in it to keep it as a memory for the days to come. For the days when we’ll be old & tired. When happy & sad memories will make us smile.
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6 thoughts on “June, Terror, & 30

  1. MGE

    El3omor killa inshallah. Happy BDay in advance :*

  2. May

    WOW ! happy birthday Sarona ! wallah I feel the same ! and I dont want the 30 thing to come ! =/
    you have to keep on doing the things that makes you happy ! especially blogging and such a thing ! dont lose this power ! this details in ur life will make it more bright and will make you more happy and satisfied ! for me ,, I feel that I lose this kind of things =( and I am a master of keeping my life the most boring one ! take care ❀

    • hehehe la la u think u are but u may not be like that!

      nhsallah i will be able to keep my life alive πŸ˜€

  3. Hehehe age is just a number I still feel 18 hehe but with a bit more experience and a lot more maturity! πŸ˜›

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