From SuperMom To IronMom

Remember my previous post SperMom? Guess what? Now I became IronMom *cries*

I remember when I applied for a job in the government sector & was accepted in the Ministry of Education as an English teacher back in January, one of the ladies working there informed & assured me that I’ll start working at the beginning of next year (Educational year) so that’s next September. I asked her so many times & she kept saying “forget about working now, you’ll start in September”. So I actually prepared myself mentally & physically for September.

When Maya (my help) told me that she wants to travel before Ramadan & before i start working, I gave her the green light & booked her a flight to her home in the middle of April. i swear after 1 week from her departure, the Ministry of Education calls me to inform me that I need to collect my papers to start the medical tests & everything to start working NOW.

I was speechless. What the ****? Haven’t you told me that I won’t start now? This ministry is really ….. (you choose the word). They made my life like hell. People there don’t do their tasks at all. The paper that you can finish n 3 hours, they tell you to come & collect it after 3 days. WHYYYYYY?

Anyways, it was really awful finishing my papers & not to mention starting my job.

My 1st day was on the 8th of May 2013. I went to the school I was assigned to & met my colleagues. I gotta say after more than 2 weeks now working as a teacher, everything looks good & better than before. Now, you only get 2 classes (that’s 2 periods everyday except the doubles so sometimes you get 3 periods). Which is soo good and not that exhausting. The books have changed (from 2007). The way of teaching & correcting exams have changed. Now you don’t stay that long correcting final exams bla bla bla.

I got off the topic 😛 How did I become an IronMom?! Well, I wake up at 6am, change my clothes, get Juju’s things, drop her at my grandma’s house, go to work, go back to grandma’s house & then back home. Either my lunch is already cooked or I have to cook at the spot, wash the dishes, put Juju to sleep, and then go to bed to get a nap or surf the net (it makes me relaxed). Then I either attend an event or go & continue with the house chores, you name it, washing clothes, toilette, ironing, cleaning the tables & not to mention taking care of Juju every now & then who wants more attention now because she’s older & she wants to play all the time. Around 9pm I feel like I have no more energy left but then I have to choose my clothes for tomorrow, iron them & then prepare my breakfast for work before I go to bed. Around 11pm I take a shower & then sleep like a dead person.

That’s what I do mostly everyday without help. Sometime’s my dad’s house help comes & do some chores because I feel exhausted & can’t move from my place/bed.

I honestly feel very tired & exhausted. Being a teacher is very tiring & energy consuming. Even when you don’t do that much at work, still I go back home feeling like a zombie.

Maya will be coming home soon & I’ll be more relaxed nshallah. I’m having dreams of her coming back home & me crying from happiness & hugging her *sniff* I think that will happen for real.

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4 thoughts on “From SuperMom To IronMom

  1. Love the new improved title you totally deserve, The Iron Mom, why don’t you get a part timer? Personally, I don’t have help at all in my home (3 bedroom apartment with a large living room & dinning area) since Banoota was 5 months old but I got a part timer who comes 4 times a week to get all the heavy duty work done. If you’re interested I could recommend someone, just e-mail me

    • I don’t have time for partimers beside as I said I have my dad’s house help (i love in the same house) so she comes every now & then to help but anyways, I can take the extra few days, my help is coming back nshallah 😀

  2. ANFAL

    mashallah, thats super, i fully support you & may god help ypu, i know what you’re talking about, i mayself do not believe in (mades) for so many reasons, so i do it all alone, im an engineer who works 8 hrs come back from work @ 4, sit alitile with the hubby , then house chores till 8, then i coke lunch for tommorow, till 10 or so , then shower then die.
    thank god am pregnant now, so am taking break from all that. i recommed house cleanong services. they take 10-15 kd for 5 hrs cleaning. they can help you. ihave couple of good co’s if you’re interested.

    • God bless you,,,I used to do that when I was working in private sector it was exhausting wallah! When I became pregnant I stayed home or maybe a lil bit before that so it was ok but now with a baby i feel like i wanna die when the clock ticks 6pm 😛

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