Juju’s First Birkin *wink*


Have you seen Cristeaux’s stuff for little girls on instagram? You’ll go crazy if you have a little girl. I can’t stop ordering from the lady. She’s talented & has lots of funky stuff for your girl.

She’s been selling mini bags that are copy paste of some known brands like Chanel, Hermes, Prada, LV & so on. I wasn’t thinking of getting one for Juju as she’s very young right now to carry a mini bag but when I saw the Hermes Birkin mini bag I just couldn’t resist. It also comes in the color that I want for her in eid, because it matches her outfit. I was picturing her carrying the bag in her hands, she’d look so cute in it,,,my little angle 🙂

I gotta say it’s a little bit overpriced for a mini bag & specially for a baby (KD 20/-) but you know she’s my first joy & I gotta spoil her a bit before she grows up & starts understanding. Beside, the quality of the bag is really good.

Check out her instagram account @cristeaux you’ll be addicted to her stuff



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2 thoughts on “Juju’s First Birkin *wink*

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