Eden Spa Experience at Harvey Nichols @The_Avenues


I was invited to the newly opened spa inside Harvey Nichols Eden Salon & Spa to visit the place & try one of their treatments. I’ve heard alot about the salon before, everybody recommended it but I didn’t make time to try it.

I went yesterday afternoon to try their pedicure & manicure. The receptionist knew me before introducing myself, of course the timing of my appointment sold me out 😛

There was some food from Veranda cafe & fresh juices … delicious of course. Imagine having a day of relaxation while munching on these yummies ,,, what a day it was.

The treatment was very refreshing & relaxing for my feet & hands after a long day at work and a very exhausting week. The service was really good & the staff were very friendly & nice.

I’ve asked about their prices, they are somehow reasonable. I’d pay KD 16/- to enjoy a full hour of relaxation & joy.

Thank you Eden Spa & Harvey Nichols


the entrance


the receptionist


food from Veranda Cafe




seating area


I’m loving the interior


lots of colors to choose from


My orange treatment


Taddaaaa ,,, too bad I didn’t have time to polish my nails

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