Wedding Gifts Service at Williams-Sonoma @The_Avenues


I’m really excited to tell you about this service which is kinda new in Kuwait. We’ve all seen it in movies & TV Shows but now you can actually experience it if you’re getting married or sending a gift to newly weds, or you can also send a gift to your friend or family who have just moved to a new house.

It’s gift or wedding registry. Where you can choose the things that you need your family & friends to buy for you instead of buying random things & they might be duplicates. You can just walk in or book an appointment to set a meeting & choose your gifts.

I also liked the personalization part. They can itch or engrave whatever you want on anything they have on the store. Some of the things can be done on the spot & others need a little bit of time.

It’s a new service in Kuwait which I’ve loved watching it in movies & wished that we had it in here. Well, now it’s available. So newly weds, get ready to register your gifts at Williams-Sonoma 🙂

Thank you ladies for having us & for the nice tour!












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