Kaizen Experience @The_Avenues


My husband was whatsapping me asking what’s for lunch. Considering my situation right now, I wasn’t in the mood to cook delicious meal, so i was thinking of easy to make recipes that my dad’s house help can cook for us. He didn’t like any of the suggestions I gave him so I said “Let’s go out”. He wanted an American fast food but I was in the mood for some sushi, i was really craving it for weeks. And off we went to Kaizen restaurant located in Grand Avenues-The Avenues Mall exactly next to Casper & Gambini’s & also under Elevation Burger.

The atmosphere was very relaxing, loved the colors & the interior, staff greeted us warmly & helped us through the menu. I gotta say that the staff got 1 of our orders wrong even when the place was empty, we were the only ones eating there, if it was crowded I’d understand if they made that mistake but I was kinda surprised because no one was there except us.

The variety of the menu is good, not that wide like other Japanese restaurants but it was good. The prices are much better than other places & the quality of the food was good.

Let’s check out what we’ve ordered;


the chef preparing our maki rolls


loving the classic colors




Can you see me?


Wafu Salad

Verdict: It was very good & I can say it’s a very healthy salad. Fresh ingredients & no heavy sauces or anything.


Spicy Salmon Maki Roll

Verdict: I didn’t like the presentation of the rolls, they were kinda messy but it was delicious. Not that spicy, you can feel a lil bit of hotness but it’s not that much. Very good


Shrimp Tempura Maki Roll

Verdict: It was yummmm & very delicious. Loved the combination of this maki roll. Sweet & sour at the same time. Highly Recommended


Katsu Yaki or smth

Verdict: I didn’t like this dish that much, the taste was really weird. I think the caramelized onions ruined it. My husband said it was ok.


Blue Lagoon refreshing drink ,,, complimentary at the end

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