Soft Opening Of Lavicka Cafe


Pronounced; LaviCHka

A lovely phone call came from a very sweet lady to attend the soft opening of Lavicka cafe located in Burj Jassim-M Floor infront of f2oDesigns exactly. This soft opening was only for friends & family.

The owner of the place was really sweet & nice, the way she talks to people is really beautiful. She introduced me to her cafe which will open this Sunday from 7am til 10pm everyday.

The place is very relaxing, filled with flowers, plants, & trees to make you feel as if you’re sitting in a garden & enjoying your morning coffee or lunch break. It’s located in the city, so i guess people working in private sector will enjoy the place to take their minds of work, sip coffee & relax.

The menu was created by the great chef Hanoof AlBalhan, she was available there at the soft opening but to bad she was busy with people, couldn’t take a photo of her. I tried the pineapple salad, mini chicken sandwich, blueberry cheesecake & their vanilla latte. All were very delicious & tasty, specially the cheesecake & the latte, loved them.

You have to check the place, I’m telling you, you’re gonna love the atmosphere specially in the morning 🙂


The place from far away


variety of refreshing juices


loving the color


flowers every where


flowers with beautifully written notes


the salads




closer look


mini sandwiches


Vanilla latte & Blueberry cheesecake


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One thought on “Soft Opening Of Lavicka Cafe

  1. Did you know that the Boston Tea Party was actually planned in
    a coffee house. Thus as per the right proportion of caffeine and
    antioxidants, the said kind of coffee is beneficial for health.

    It is true that in the last ten years or so, I had evolved from buying ground
    coffee to purchasing real coffee beans, and then grinding them just before using them.

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