Olive Garden Experience @The_Avenues


This is going to be a very quick review for this restaurant because Baby Jana was sleepy, hungry & grumpy & I couldn’t take my time in taking lots of pictures not taking a good look at the menu the ingredients of each dish, not to mention it was very crowded mashallah.

We were supposed to go & try the Turkish restaurant Sutis but it was full house & a long queue was waiting to be seated so we had a tour around the avenues & I remembered people recommending Olive Garden-The Italian Restaurant. Off we headed to the restaurant & goof thing we had a table outside. The menu doesn’t have that much of dishes, we wanted to have a salad at the beginning but then our waiter told us that each main dish comes with it a salad or soup. Good? wait til you read the rest.

We ordered 2 main dishes, one with a salad & the other with a soup. i really thought the salad will be a mini portion on the side of the dish. I was shocked to see a huge bowl coming to our table (will talk about the dish below). The portion of the soup was also good. And guess what? all of them are refill, The Salad, The Soup, The bread Sticks & The Sodas, all refill 😀

I can say the quality of food & service was really good!

Check out the dishes;


Garden Salad

It was ok, not that wow but ok


Chicken Soup

Very delicious & yummmy


Ribs Tortillini

This was my fav dish, very delicious, moist & yummy. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED


Chicken smth :p forgot the name

It was good, loved it

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2 thoughts on “Olive Garden Experience @The_Avenues

  1. Bel 3afya, because you posted it on instagram I went that day as well but I’m familiar with Olive Garden from my trips to the US hehe it’s one of our favorite restaurants in the Mid-West simply because it’s a great value for your buck hehe 😛

    I had their Chicken Parmigianna but I substituted their spaghetti pasta for penne and it was absolutely delicious and to do for. I had heard of earlier problems with their Avenues branch in which they have slow service and all that jazz but I didn’t encounter that and it was a great experience.

    • yeah me too, didn’t experience the bad service at all! It was perfect!

      Bel3afia 3alech :*

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