Wedding Bells-My Lil’ Brotha


The day we have all been waiting for

Last week was my little brother’s wedding. We (the whole family) couldn’t wait for this day to come & when it came, we became very stressed & worried that something might go wrong. Nothing went wrong el7mdellah. The day came & ended safely.

On Friday 19th of April 2013. I woke up around 8 am, took a shower, prepared Baby Jana’s bag, prepared my bag, organized my things & left home with my sister around 11:15 am. Dropped Juju at my Grandmother’s house & we went to The Regency Hotel where we dropped our clothes, bag & other things. My aunt was there waiting for us. We finished from the hotel & went straigh to the makeup artist Noor Albader (Instagram:@noormakeup). I can’t stop talking about this lady, how talented she’s, amazing & very sweet. She understands what you want & knows what’s best for your face. My aunt’s eyes are small & difficult to apply party makeup to, but when I saw what she did to her face, I became more relaxed because I was worried, this is the 1st time we try her makeup & nobody told us about her before, we found her on instagram & trusted our guts. After that she did my sister’s makeup & I was last. Everybody kept on talking about our makeup & how beautiful we looked etc. Even the people who couldn’t make it to the wedding called me to ask about who did our makeup because they’ve heard people talking 😛

My sister & I went to the hairdresser after we finished from our makeup around 4pm. Our appointment at Betty Boop Salon was at 5pm with Nazi. This was also the 1st time we try this salon but this time, some of our relatives kept on recommending Nazi & how great & fast she is. You won’t believe it when I tell you that my hairstyle took only 10 minutes. I myself couldn’t believe it, and it stayed the same the whole night.

We arrived to the hotel around 6pm. There I saw my lil pie Juju waiting to be changed & dressed 🙂 My aunts & grandmother were all there done with their makeup & hairstyles. We started changing our clothes, putting on our jewelries, & finally the shoes. It was around 7:30pm when we finished & got out to the wedding hall & guess what? Ladies started arriving around 7:50pm, my grandma’s friends 😛

The night started beautifully & ended crazily 😀 We had so much fun, the best night of my life when I saw my lil brother coming from the door with my Dad, granfather, uncles & my lovely husband 🙂 It was a night to remember. Overwhelmed with many feelings. Wished my mom was there to see her naughty boy get married, settle down & have a family. Of course we shed some tears (laaazm ba3ad).

We are blessed el7mdellah … Thank you Allah.


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2 thoughts on “Wedding Bells-My Lil’ Brotha

  1. sadly that i couldnt make it, im happy that everything went great o ilfal for your little sister ;*

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