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When you’re dieting, you want to eat healthy yet delicious light meals/food. I’ve been hearing about the good quality of YasminFarms products. So, last week I went to Sultan Centre Salmiya & headed to Farmers corner to check Alban Dairy Products. Mashallah, the corner was kinda small but full of dairy products. I loved how they were packed, the bottle were really cute, specially the yogurt ones. I’m keeping them ofcourse to be used later on 🙂

So, I got me Cow Labna, Cow & Goat Halloumi & Raspberry, Mango & Pomegrenate LowFat yogurts. The thing is, I didn’t know they had low & full fat products, I just got my things & realized that I had a mix of low & full fat products 😛

The cow labna was good; salty & soury at the same time, I thought it was supposed to be sweet. I love my labna sweet, I guess I should have taken the goat one (next time).

Dad tried the Halloumi, he said both were good & they almost have the same taste (Cow & Goat). I tasted both, they were really good & tasty. Oneday, I’ll make me a Halloumi Sandwich for lunch 🙂

Now, the winning product of Alban Dairy in my opinion is the fruit yogurt. To my surprise, I got them lowfat which is good 😀 All of them were really really good & DELICIOUS. A great snack for work or when you’re starving at night, you can have some. The most delicious one was the mango yogurt, sooo fresh & yummy, it was like eating a real mango.

Next time I’ll be trying nshallah the goat labna & laban & the strawberry yogurt 😀

P.S. What’s missing is the calories. I think Alban Dairy should pay attention to that info & add it on their products.


A wide variety of products




That was my lunch a couple of day ago


Sweet & sour combination


Oh my my ,,, Raspberry yogurt!

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2 thoughts on “@AlbanDairy Products Experience

  1. بس في الكويت؟

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