Burger Boutique Experience


Those who are on a diet are supposed to have an free day/meal at the end of every week. For me, I decided to have my free meal after every month (after every week will be when I reach my goal). Anyways, so that day, I wanted to have burger and thought of trying Burger Boutique which I haven’t tried before. Juju, sister, dad & I went to Alraya for a delicious dinner.

The service was super fast, the food was really delicious, tasty & fresh, and the staff were super awesome. Everything was perfect.

To my surprise, I didn’t finish my burger (ate only half), had only 3 pieces of onion rings & a lil bit of commando fries (my stomach is shrinkin 😛 )

This is what we’ve ordered;


Commando Fries

Ingredients: Cheddar, monterey jack, grilled onion, jalapeno, west coast sauce & crispy roasted onions.

Verdict: Really delicious, the combination is perfect but very heavy. To be shared.


Onion Rings with Chipotle Ranch

Verdict: The size of the onions was huge, it was good like any other onion rings & the sauce was yummy and spicy.


Classic Chicken Slider

Ingredients: Breaded fried chicken breast, American cheese, house pickle & tangy mustard mayo.

Mushroom Swiss Slider

Ingredients: Swiss cheese, grilled onion, mushroom, b+f special sauce.

Verdict: This was my dad’s order. He liked it alot & said the burgers were very light and delicious.


West Coast Burger

Ingredients:Tillamook cheddar, tomato, lettuce, onion & west coast sauce.

Verdict: This was my sister’s order, she loved it. She kept on complementing the burger the whole night. and also said it was light, not heavy at all.


Bacon Swiss Burger

Ingredients: Bacon, Swiss cheese, lettuce, grilled onion, grilled mushroom, pickle, & b+f special sauce.

Verdict: It was really good but very heavy, I guess the combination of the bacon & Swiss cheese was too much.


Organic Sodas

We were given these sodas for free to taste because they’ll be launched soon at the restaurant. I tried the Cola & Watermelon, both were ok, it tasted like sparkly water with a lil bit of flavor.

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