Diet; Extreme Measures-Part 2


After dieting for 3 weeks & exercising, I lost 3 kgs (as I mentioned in other posts) but then my weight wouldn’t go down! I became really depressed & was about to go back to my old habit in eating, but then my cousin told me about this Chinese place (can’t say spa) which offers slimming massages (20 sessions for KD100). She has tried it before & it worked wonders on her! I’m not a fan of these things & I do not believe in them but when I knew that she lost weight because of them, I thought why not? My cousin is lazy, she doesn’t exercise at all & her body became beautiful after she finished her sessions from them (2 yrs ago I think).

I went to the place to subscribe & start immediately. I’m telling you, the place ain’t fancy at all, it looks horrible (not that horrible) it wasn’t what I was expecting but I forced myself to accept it & go on for the sake of losing some weight. The place was crowded, women coming & going from all ages. Always fully booked & their phone line is always busy!

P.S. They will nag on you to buy their creams & oils. Don’t be fooled, Β just tell them i have no money right now πŸ˜›

The massage was very very painful, horrible pain followed at night & then the next day when i had my 2nd sessions, the pain was unbearable but i swallowed it & continued with my sessions (the massage should be everyday so you can see good results). Hanna is very good, I recommend booking your sessions with her.


After you finish your session, they will make you drink their tea & juice.

1st day; you’ll drink 1 cup of tea & 1 of coffee. 2nd day you’ll drink 1 cup of tea & 1 cup of juice. After that, you’ll be drinking 1 cup of tea & taking 3 blue pills (2 in the morning & 1 at night) those pills are for getting all the extra fat & oil from your body (I know they can be harmless blah blah blah but I took them anyway & still taking them & I’m drinking lots of water so it won’t affect my kidneys). It’s up to you if you don’t wanna take the pills, but they will help you alot in losing weight. I admit they are strong, I only take 2 in the morning & save the night pill for the days I can’t go.

I lost 3Kgs in 7 or 8 sessions (forgot) & my weight still dropping, like 300 grams everyday πŸ˜€ Ofcourse, I’m not eating that much at all. I’m drinking ALOT of water, maybe 4 liters per day because I’m always feeling thirsty (probably from the pills).

I still have 11 sessions to go … will give you the final update after I finish nshallah.


You have the address & the phone number in the above pictures ,,, I don’t recommend trying the other services πŸ˜›

P.S. take your towels with you. Theirs are clean but better to use your own πŸ˜‰

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2 thoughts on “Diet; Extreme Measures-Part 2

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  2. N.D

    Hi Swera, just wondering if this is the same franchise of the Weight Loss institute in Salmiya Blk 10? and is the owner someone called Linda?

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