Hello Weight Loss-Part 1

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I started dieting (for the zillion time) without telling anyone about it. Everytime I announce that I’m on diet people start telling me every now & then that I’m on a diet whenever they see me in a restaurant or posting food photos (instagram) so this time I shut my mouth.

On the 17th of March 2013, the diet started; my plan was to use Max Slimming Pills & exercise at the same time. The pills controlled my appetite. The box contains 50 pills but I used only 20 & then continued without using them. Still my appetite is in control & now I actually don’t eat that much at all. It’s like my feelings towards food have changed completely & my focus now is to be fit & healthy. I know the way I started dieting wasn’t healthy at all but I’m planning to change my plan after I reach my goal.

In 3 weeks I only lost 3kgs, I confess, I was very depressed because I was exercising everyday & eating only vegetables. I was about to stop dieting but then my cousin told me about this Chinese place where they give you slimming massages, break your cellulite & shape your body, she’s tried it before & it worked wonders on her. I know my cousin doesn’t diet that much & she doesn’t exercise at all. So when I saw her pictures after 20 sessions, I got tempted.

I registered in this place (post will follow) 20 sessions for KD100. The place isn’t fancy at all, but after 8 sessions, my weight started dropping & I lost 2kgs.

Now, I’m continuing with the Chinese massage, dieting, & exercising. Hoping to post more weight lost next month 😀

Oh yeah, I can see the changes in my clothes,,,so happy 😉

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6 thoughts on “Hello Weight Loss-Part 1

  1. Congrats , Good for you as I don’t really recommend taking any kind or pills for dieting best plan is drinking a lot of water , eating small portions meals 4 or 5 times of healthy food a day rather than tow big junk meals. plus some exercise, If you really committed to start your diet you should
    stick to the plan.

    The foods you must STOP EATING RIGHT NOW when trying to lose weight

    How to Stay Determined to Lose Weight

    Why Slow Weight Loss Wins

    All the best 🙂

  2. Awesome job! I personally want to lose 5-8 kilos just to get my pre-work weight, the one where I felt the happiest and most relaxed in but it’s harder to go down since I fluctuate between two weights, the good thing was my recent surgery helped me lose a huge chunk of weight because of the fibroids that were inside me and my braces a year ago helped me lose more. Now I need to tone it and lose a bit on the face and karsha area hehe, I wanna try that Chinese Spa place but not sure if I can at the moment, you should give me all the info.

  3. Alefiya

    Please give me the details for the Chinese Spa

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