Tea Club Cafe-Bahrain


This is the most amazing place I’ve visited in Bahrain. It’s so huge, big, spacious, royal & beautiful. Located in Lagoon Park-Amwaj Islands. This place is highly recommended. Whoever is going to Bahrain must drop the Tea Club a visit.

You’ll definitely enjoy the place, the interior, the service & the great varieties of teas. Their prices are kinda good, not cheap & not expensive at the same time.

They have so many kinds of teas, you’ll get lost wondering which kind to get. I chose the Berry Berry Tea Pot & my husband got one of the Sri Lankan teas. The Berry tea was very yummmy & its taste was somehow unique but the Sri Lankan one was very regular, it tasted like any normal red tea.

We ordered some cakes too. The KitKat cake was delicious, & the Tiramisu cake was also good & very light.

I’m telling you, you should visit this place when you’re Bahrain.












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6 thoughts on “Tea Club Cafe-Bahrain

  1. Marhaba. Outstanding pics and great commentary. I’m thinking of moving to Bahrain soon so I will definitely follow your blog and learn as much as possible. Cheers

    • Hello Chef Alzaid, thank you for liking my pictures. Actually my blog is from Kuwait & these posts about Bahrain from my last visit 🙂

  2. wow! its huge! yi9la7 for photo shoots 😛

  3. R7tla last time lma kent fe al bahrain
    bs ma r7t fr3 amwaj
    r7tla fe mokan esma
    The Walk fe al refa3 (Y)
    wayd 3jbni

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