Roberto Cavalli Cafe Soft Opening @The_Avenues


A couple of days ago, I received an invitation from Mr. Paul to attend the pre-view of the Italian Cafe Roberto Cavalli Cafe which is set to open this week at Grand Avenue infront of Prestige entrance. Of course, I got excited because everyone is waiting for the opening of this cafe.

Took my camera (well, not literally mine 😛 belongs to hubs) & went there kinda early, arrived 6:45pm & the event is supposed to start at 7pm but I wanted to have the place for my own, to take pictures before everybody comes in & becomes crowded, talk to the manager (Lorenzo) he was so nice & kind, gave us alot of information about Italy, and meet the staff.

Words can’t describe the beauty of the place, the lights, the curtains, the chairs, the tables, the silverware etc. Everything was so beautiful & WOW. When you enter the place you’ll be speechless. It’s not that big & not that small, it has an outdoor seating area which is nice if you wanna sit outside looking at people while eating (Many Kuwaitis like that) & you can enjoy your privacy inside the place & feel like you’re eating in a castle 🙂

One thing I didn’t like, the tables were small & the plates were huge, it made the table crowded. But all in all, it was an amazing experience & food was so delicious & amazing.

Speaking of food, let’s have a tour ;


outdoor seats


the inside


the beauty of the chandeliers


Roberto Cavalli pictures with celebrities


Where we sat


beautiful lights ❤


Do you see me? 😉


I’m loving the logo


Loving the print


Cavalli everywhere


more stunning chandeliers


The Italian Chefs behind the great food. Chef Stefano & his great team


Complimentary starters


Tartara Di Salmone

Ingredients; Salmon tartar, Salad of pink pepper, Crunchy Fennel with Anis Sauce.

Verdict: Ok, I have to admit, I love Salmon, so any dish that has salmon will be a great dish in my opinion. This one was really good, lovvvved it, so delicious & yummy. I can still feel the taste.


Gamberi e Zucchini In Pastella 

Ingredients; Kind prawns & zucchini in pastella with tartar sauce.

Verdict; like any other tempura dish, this one is not tempura but almost similar. nice & yummy & the tartar sauce gives it an extra plus.


Sour Kiss

Ingredients; Apple juice, Raspberry & Lemonade.

Verdict; very refreshing & delicious. A must try


Leonardo Bruschettone

Ingredients; Mushroom, Mozzarella, Artichoke, & gorgonzla.

Verdict; Okay, I was shocked when I saw how big this Bruschetta was. Usually they come in small piece but this one was kinda large 😛 The taste delicious, but the edges of the bread were kinda hard to chew but in the middle it was fine & yummy.


Insalata di Granchio con Patate Novelle

Ingredients; Crab salad with new potatoes, vinaigrette dressing.

Verdict: DELICIOUS, loved it. Cooked to perfection. Enjoyed eating every bite of this dish. Highly Recommended.


Spaghetti con Gamberi

Ingredients; Spaghetti with Prawns & Spicy Tomato Raout.

Verdict; Great taste yet very spicy but I liked it. Husband enjoyed this dish alot because as always he loves spicy food. A Must Try.


Filetto di Manzo Alla Griglia

Ingredients; Grilled tenderloin with garlic perfumed Portobello, Sauteed duck liver, & truffle sauce.

Verdict; Our main & final dish was a winner. The tenderloin was so delicious & cooked exactly the way we wanted, soft, moist & yummy. The sauce was amazing. Highly recommended.


Sauteed Spinach ,,, a nice side dish


Chocolate Fondant 


to be shared


Cappuccino Firenze

The perfect way to end the night.

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8 thoughts on “Roberto Cavalli Cafe Soft Opening @The_Avenues

  1. Koka alzanki

    روووعه الصوره خطيره

  2. جنه

    المكان رااائع من الجو العام للقعده للاضاءه للاطباق ..رااائع وجميل بروعه التصوير…good job…واكيد بزوره شوقتني الصور..

    • والله كانت القعده عجيبه و الديكور خطير!

      شكرا كله من ذوقج ❤

  3. Wow very luxurious 🙂

  4. loving your pictures and loving those animal prints!

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