Diet; Extreme Measures-Part 1


How many times did I post about diet, pills, exercising, diet plans blah blah blah?! I can’t even remember the topics I’ve written about but I know they were alot. After giving birth, my weight started going down so fast, I lost 10kgs in no time, but the extra 4kgs (total 14kgs pregnancy weight gained) wouldn’t go away, and my appetite started to grow & I think my stomach started to expand :/

I didn’t wanna lose it but I couldn’t help it & I was out of line & there was nothing/no one to stop me.

A diet account followed me on instagram back in March. I immediately checked it out & it turned out the account sells diet pills called Natural Max Slimming. Went to google & started my search, turned out many people used it & they’ve lost alot of weight.

If you don’t know me, then you should know that I’m not afraid of taking diet pills at all, as long as they help control my appetite. The pills turned out to be amazing, they stopped me from eating alot, controlled my appetite, oh & they made me forget about food 🙂 You take 1 pill in the morning & it will keep your appetite in its place up to 10/12 hrs. So if you take the pill 10am in the morning, you should go to bed around 10pm so you won’t lose it at night. That didn’t happen to me but it’s an extra advice. The pills also give you power & energy, which I’ve used in exercising 40/30 minutes on my home bicycle everyday.

Tomorrow I’m stopping the pills because I’m trying something new, which will be part 2. But I’ll go back to the pills again when I’m done with this new session i’m trying.

I’m not going to tell you how much I’ve lost now, after I complete 1 month I’ll let you know!

I got the pills for KD30 (50pills) but then I found out that there’s another account that sells them for KD20. If you’re interested in these pills check out the below account.


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4 thoughts on “Diet; Extreme Measures-Part 1

  1. shaz

    that’s a very interesting info. you mean when u are using the pill you don’t eat anything at all? what is the regular food u eat along with the pill?

    • not that much, u’d feel like eating grilled vegetables, fruit which I hate eating but now I find them very yummy & when I see a very delicious meal infront of me I take only 1 bite or 2 not more than that!

  2. Sheri

    Hi Swera,
    what is the contact of the account that sells the pills? because this one has run out.
    thank u 🙂

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