Why Do We Hate Saturdays?


I’ve always hated Saturdays, you know why? Because Sunday will follow, that means, a new working day. Waking up earl in the morning feeling the weekend went so fast & you didn’t get enough sleep. But that’s Sunday, so why hate Saturday? Don’t ruin the day because the weekend is about to end. I used to do that & just now I came to realize that I used to waste a whole day because of a day that haven’t arrived yet.

As I’m getting myself in the mood of getting back to work (September, I know too early). I’m starting to realize the wrong things that I used to do which took my energy & power from me. We as working human beings (hypothetically) need to enjoy every hour of our off days because we deserve it. We deserve happiness, joy, having fun, relaxing, reading a book, having breakfast outside, whatever makes your soul happy.

For all of you ladies & gents who are feeling down because the weekend is about to end, it hasn’t yet! Be active & enjoy the day before you snuggle in your bed.

Happy Belated Saturday ❤

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2 thoughts on “Why Do We Hate Saturdays?

  1. That’s so true! Enjoy your saturday 😀

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