Book Review: Big Girl


One of the silliest shallowest books I’ve ever read. It has no point at all. The story line has been stretched for no reason & i became bored. I kept reading it wishing for something good, nice or even reasonable to happen but nothing at all. Letting the main character have a nose job because her parents always make fun of her is not ethically right!It sends a straight point to all girls out there with low self esteem to go and change their looks just because other people don’t like it which is totally wrong & unacceptable.

This was my first read for Danielle Steel & it will be the last, the lady doesn’t know how to attract her readers.

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7 thoughts on “Book Review: Big Girl

  1. Sometimes Danielle Steel can really blow it, her earlier books were so much better than the new ones but I’ve stopped reading her book since the early 2000s. I think I have a bunch of her old books around somewhere unless my sister gave them away without my knowledge.

    • LOL 😛

      I didn’t like her way of writing at all! It was really boring!

      • ina

        Please read her “second chance” i read this one and wasn’t bad. it’s about the modern woman.
        : )

      • hhhmmm ok I might read for her again, hope it’s gonna be better than this one 🙂

  2. halfarhan

    danielle steel is the worst. All her books start with a “tragedy” within the first 20 pages and end with the problem being solved when the girls gets a boyfriend/husband. She’s terrible.

  3. halfarhan

    try reading something like Eleanor & Park, The Dinner, Revenge, or the night circus to get it out of your system

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