Majestic Rotana Hotel-Bahrain


When we decided to have a break & go on a road-trip to Bahrain, my husband asked me to check & take a look at Bahrain’s hotels. Majestic Rotana caught my eyes, 2 story suite for only KD 55/- & it’s a 5 start hotel. The space was very important to me because I wanted Baby Jana to enjoy her time. We booked it & wrote a remark through that we’ll be arriving early by car. After 1 day, my husband received a call from the hotel asking him when are we going to arrive & he informed them it will be around 10 to 11 am.

When we arrived, our room was ready, we didn’t have to wait til 2pm as many hotels do. The hallways’ smell was really beautiful & relaxing. Our suite was in the 3rd floor, the room was really BIG, didn’t expect it to be like that, the kitchen was also huge & very well-equipped. the living room had a welcoming oranges plate, the bedroom was also spacious & the bathroom was beautiful.

The service of the hotel was great & efficient. The staff were very helpful & nice specially a young girl called Fatima. Everybody wanted to help us in any ways possible.

The hotel opened its doors on the 13th of March 2013, we knew that when we checked out because everything was so new & beautiful so we thought of asking them.

If you’re a family & want a good hotel with a good location & space, then Majestic Rotana is your perfect choice.

Thank You Majestic Rotana for making our stay one of the best & will be remembered forever.


The Lobby


Beautiful lights


The swimming pool


Their main restaurant


wide-angle view of the suite


Our suite


The kitchen


oranges 😀


Mini toilet in the living room


dining table


and up we go


the bedroom


the bathroom


enjoyed my time in this hotel

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4 thoughts on “Majestic Rotana Hotel-Bahrain

  1. Looks absolutely gorgeous mashalla! Hell that should be anyone’s house plan! Look at the beauty!

    Glad to hear you had fun on your trip babes!

  2. I have been to Bahrain so many times, but never heard of this one.. after i read the review.. i realized that it is new..
    Gonna give it a visit soon enshalla!

    • Yeah you should check it out as it’s very new n situated in the middle between Muharraq n Manama.

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