@FigsKuwait The Avenues Branch Soft Opening


I received a very creative invitation to attend the soft opening of Figs 2nd branch at The Avenues-Grand Avenues 1st floor next to The Butcher’s Shop. The place is more spacious than the 360’s branch & the atmosphere is much better. They’ve added new dishes to their menu. I’ve written about my 1st experience before (Read Here) & this one is my 2nd which is much better as I’ve had the opportunity to try other dishes. It’s pricey but worth it!

The Avenues branch will open its doors on the 1st of April (Next Week)

Let’s take a tour 😉


The invitation



The beautiful atmosphere & interior


Berry Viola & Classical Mojito

Verdict: both were refreshing & yummy but the Berry Viola is the winner.


Let’s start




Boston Bibb & Watercress Salad

Ingredients: Toasted walnut dressing, and Maytag blue cheese

Verdict: My favorite kind of salad, tangy, sour & sweet. The combination was heavenly. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.


Shrimp Fritti

Ingredients: Roasted corn raita & creamy avocado ranch.

Verdict: Delicious, a must try.


Ripieni Pasta

Ingredients: Baked stuffed pasta with roasted pulled chicken, herb ricotta & caramelized onions.

Verdict: yummy, delicious, feels so good inside your tongue yet very heavy. Good for 2.


Portobello Pizza

Ingredients: Portobello, wild mushrooms puree, red onions, fontina cheese with truffle oil.

Verdict: lovvved it, very light, moist & delicious. HIGLY RECOMMENDED.


Waygu MeatLoaf

Ingredients: Short rib crown, tomato veal glaze, smoked cheddar with risotto tots.

Verdict: This dish was really good, like REALLY good. The risotto tots made it extra special & yummy. The meat loaf was so tasty. You have to try this dish!


Harissa Rubbed Chicken & Basil Quinoa

Ingredients: Quinoa ferro, pomegranate glazed haricot vert.

Verdict: I’m into sweet & sour dishes, the pomegranate gave this dish a plus. Sweet, salty & spicy. The combination is heavenly. enjoyed this dish alot. A must try.


Wrapping the night, but wait ….


Butterscotch Budino

Ingredients: Salted Caramel, whipped yogurt creme, vanilla milk cake & butter crunch cookies.

Verdict: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. Gotta admit, one of the best desserts i’ve ever had in my life if not The BEST. sooooo yummmmy


Thank you Figs Kuwait for having us & thank you for the cook book, I’m in love ❤

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4 thoughts on “@FigsKuwait The Avenues Branch Soft Opening

  1. I’m loving your pictures…the foood looks so good! bil3afya

  2. Jasim

    Thanks a lot..

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