Recipes: My Home-Made Burger


Everyday, I feel like I wanna try a new recipe & experiment. Juju is getting bigger mashallah & I’m having some extra time of my own which I’d like to spend in the kitchen.

I always wanted to create my own burger but somehow I thought it’s difficult, then I went online & googled some recipes. Found this Easy Home-Made Burger recipe & followed the basics, as always I have to add my own ingredients.


I added: 1kg of ground beef, 1 egg, 1 chopped sautéed onion, chopped parsley, bread crumbs, Bahraini spices, meat spices, cinnamon powder, worcestershire sauce, oyster sauce, soya sauce, mustard, teriyaki sauce, garlic sauce, salt & pepper.


After that, I started shaping them ,,, I admit I kinda made them huge but Im learning 😛


Into the Grill


And Voila ,,, Delicious 😉

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2 thoughts on “Recipes: My Home-Made Burger

  1. The burger has too much onion for my taste hehe but that mushroom and broccoli looks absolutely delicious!!!

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