IHOP Lunch Experience


I know that IHOP is famous for its delicious breakfast which i’ve never tried yet but heard about it. Unfortunately, I still didn’t have the time to try the breakfast but yesterday I tried the place for lunch. Gotta tell you the truth, the menu doesn’t have alot of varieties when it has lots n lots of dishes for breakfast, but for lunch not that much. The taste was very regular, nothing wow, nothing special. The price was very reasonable.

Will I return for lunch again? Probably not, coz it wasn’t that great, and when you go out you wanna enjoy delicious unique dishes. The seating outside was really beautiful & spacious, loved it. The staff was very friendly & efficient, the manager came twice to check on our table.

Check out what we ordered


so cute … for breakfast I believe


Mixed Platter ,,, The onion rings were really good!


Country Steak Sirloin ,,, Dad’s dish, he said it was ok


Chicken lemon ,,,, My dish, the chicken was good, the broccoli was really delicious, ate it all! But didn’t touch the fried potatoes coz im dieting 😛


Chicken Crispers ,,, My sister’s dish, she said it was ok, very regular!

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  1. yummmmy post!

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