Love Lust Faith + Dreams & Up In The Air Fiesta


Ahh Finally, 30 Seconds To Mars have released their new single Up In The Air 2 days ago in outer space ,,, Twitter went crazzzzy & so did I 😀 The single is full of energy & vibe, as usual lyrics are beautifully written & the rhythm is just so much funnnn, it will keep you jumping foreverrrr.

The album will be released on the 21st of May 2013. You can pre-order it either from amazon or from iTunes. I’m gonna get the real thing from amazon, coz I love collecting everything related to them 😀

I can’t stop listening to their single Up In The Air & so does Juju ,,, she’s gonna be a huge fan of them i’m sure coz she’s already jumping listening to the song 😀

You can also order the Deluxe Bundle from their website, which I think I will get (thinking) 😛 They also have the Super Deluxe Bundle but it’s kinda expensive, but maybe I’ll go crazy & just order it 😉 I still have time to think which one to get 😀

I’m just so excited & I really hope they’ll come to the region soon ,,, They will start their world tour on June this year & I’m hoping that either dubai or Abu Dhabi will be n their list *wink*

Enjoy the single 😉

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