Elsoor Game ,,, Lots of Fun


I received @ElsoorGame (Instagram) from our blogger-friend Fahad Al-Ibraheem who’s the mastermind behind this game ,,, It’s a card game, totally new, not like any other card game at all.

My sister & I met on Friday to try & play this game ,,, it wasn’t easy at first considering it’s a new game & you have to get used to it but after few minutes, we understood the idea of the game & started playing πŸ™‚

It was lots of fun, we yelled, laughed & made fun of each other & we were only 2 gamers, so imagine if we were 4, I guess a war would happen πŸ˜›

Basically, the game is about attacking,,, you have 3 Soors that you have to protect with your soldiers, you can choose which Soor to attack & which Soor to defend from yours. I loved the action cards, they caused alot of tension πŸ˜›

You can find the game at P2BK Village at Ezgrt Booth

Thank you Fahad & Good luck πŸ™‚







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2 thoughts on “Elsoor Game ,,, Lots of Fun

  1. No Identity

    I WANT… love cards games,,, where can i find one?

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