Teething, Juju, & I


Believe it or not, when Baby Jana was 3 months old, she started rubbing her gums with her fingers, placing 3 fingers in her mouth 😛 and sometimes crying with no reason at all. My grandma told me that she’s teething, I didn’t believe her coz it was too early, but she explained that it takes time until the 1st tooth is out.

When she was 4 months & 3 weeks old, I felt a sharp thing in her gum,,,I start peeking & voila, it’s the tip of her 1st tooth coming out 😀 I got so excited and started calling everyone “Juju got her 1st tooth” and it’s not even out completely. I couldn’t see it because it was still not even that out, but when I touched her gum, I felt it.

Now, that she’s 5 months & 1 week old, the tooth is half way through & you can see it 😀

What has changed? Juju became very irritated, sometimes crying without any reason, she won’t calm down until I put her on my lap, she would literally chew whatever comes in her hand, drooling all the time, sometimes fever and waking up in the middle of the night because of the pain 😦

I’m giving her Kreuter’s teething gel & Adol at night only, the Dr. said do not let her body get used to medication. Some nights we enjoy a calm peaceful sleep & sometimes it’s the total opposite.

Yes, I’m very tired & exhausted, good thing that I won’t start my job these days because I won’t be able to handle it ,,, God bless working mothers who are coping with this at night & waking up in the morning to go to work & face the samething when they come back home!

This is only the 1st tooth ,,, they say it gets worse when the others come out!

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8 thoughts on “Teething, Juju, & I

  1. Ahh, Allah ye7fatha and good luck on dealing with the side affects of teething. The same case was with our little Banoota who actually got 2 teeth visible at 4 months and 2 weeks old. She was really short tempered and complained all the time. We dealt with it by applying any teething gel on her gums and bought her a couple of toys with built in teethers from Mamas & Papas, it helped a lot. Especially if you put them in the fridge so they become a little cool but not too cold of course. There is also a special tooth brush at Baroue from the brand first years (it comes in a set) which you can hold for her to bite, you can also apply a bit of the teething gel on it so it really rubs in. It helped a lot with my little one so give it a go if you’d like. Good luck with the sleepless nights!

    • Mashallah allah ya7feth’ha ya rb!

      it’s not an easy process at all, and she doesn’t like the teething toys, she just wants her hand 😀

  2. عادي حبيبتي الاسنان متكونه اساسا من وهو في بطنك
    والجينات الوراثيه تحدد متى الدفع يبدا
    انا ولدي طلعوا له الاربع اسنان بنفس الوقت اثنين فوق واثنين تحت
    والكل مستغرب يقول كيف كذا
    والحمدلله لا بكى ولا تعبني مع ان الكل يقولي الله يعينك على التسنيين
    بس مااحس اني انتبهت انه يسنن الا يوم شفتهم ولله الحمد
    يختلف من طفل لاخر
    على حسب المورثات الجينييه وعلى حسب تعرضك انتي للشمس فترة تكوين اسنانه وهو في بطنك

    • Mashallah allah y5aleeh lech ya rb o ybalghech feeh 🙂

      eeh akeed yfreg ben yahel o yahel! marat a7s elwath3 3ndaha 3adi o marat wayed testa3ser! allah y3eena

      • ايه صحيح ابعدي عن المشايه والجلاسه
        بالعاده ماتساعدهم في الحبي والمشي
        حطيها فيهم اذا مظطره تبين تكملين شغل معين وبعدين شيلها منهم خل هي تتحرك بروحها تتقلب تحبي توقف تتنقل من كنبه لكنبه تحرك عضلاتها
        الله يحفظها ويسعدها ويبعد عنها كل شي

      • ameeen ya rb ,,, thnk u dear :*

  3. No Identity

    Hello Swera, my doll is 15 months now, before i knew she is having eight tooth… i fells nothing, sa7 kant drooling and biting her fingers but it all went easy… i just received one advice that do not let her bite anything because that could leed her to ishaal or sickness… allah ye3ensh inshallah we ye9abrna 3ala sahrathoom 🙂

    • ee it’s different from baby to baby, mashallah allah y5alelech ur baby girl :*

      Im not letting her bite anything she doesn’t wanna bite anything except fabric with her fingers 😛

      ee wallah allah y9aberna 🙂

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