Fursan Al-Emarat Air Show Team Performance-Kuwait


Husband went to Marina Crescent yesterday to attend the air show by Fursan Al-Emarat & to take some pictures, you can check his post on his blog Eye of Sky (yup my hubby has a blog 😛 )

I couldn’t go with him yesterday but today he informed me that there will be another show so I insisted to go with him … The show started 4pm sharp & lasted for 20 minutes exactly. This is not the first show I watch for Fursan Al Emarat, I saw one of their shows back in 2011 when we attended Dubai Air Show.

Today’s show was like a mini one, they didn’t do all their moves & stunts, maybe because they had limited time. Anyways, the show was spectacular & really beautiful. LOVED IT ❤

Thank You Fursan Al-Emarat & see you soon 😉

Enjoy the pix guys 😀


The sky was very clear


and here they come


Let the show start …


the colors


the planes are just beautiful


amazing stunts


into the red


great team


a fountain in the sky


What are you doing guys?


a heart in the sky of kuwait


The final act


can’t tell you how beautiful it was!


Going home …


Thank you Fursan Al Emarat for the beautiful show 😀

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8 thoughts on “Fursan Al-Emarat Air Show Team Performance-Kuwait

  1. yah yah yah awesome pictures!! mashalah

  2. lol, he has to teach you 😛

  3. Beautiful pictures!

  4. So THATS what i was seeing in Jabriya the other day, i thought it was a new kind of fireworks that is for daytime use and has colors, LOL

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