National Day Celebrations at KPC


Don’t ask me how I ended up there but I actually did πŸ˜› It was an event for employees only but somehow I managed to get in πŸ˜‰

The place situated in an amazing location, facing the Arabian Gulf, the building is huge & the decorations were really beautiful. So many people/small business participated in this event.

I believe it’s a nice way to celebrate the National & Independence days at work! Not everybody does that, but I hope that all companies will start doing it starting next year nshallah! Employees need a break, they’re not robots!

Take a look at the pictures I’ve taken






Instagram @DallahKuwait


Instagram @lil_owls


Instagram @samsmya_sweets


Instagram @TheChocolateCafe


The Wish Tree


Write your wish for Kuwait ❀


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4 thoughts on “National Day Celebrations at KPC

  1. sheikha

    I am kicking myself that my favorite blogger was at my work place and I did not know. It means quite a lot to me personally that you are posting about KPC’s national day celebrations coz I happen to be a member of the team that help organize it. Thank you so much Swera

    • hahaha omg I can’t believe that you’re a fan of my blog πŸ˜› Actually u’ve met me & we’ve talked a bit *wink* try to remember πŸ˜€

  2. sheikha

    I wracked my brain for a couple of minutes but a clue in one of the photos gave you away πŸ™‚ you have the sweetest kindest face that enters the heart before the mind and it’s so strange how small the world is. At the risk of sounding too melodramatic I want to say β€˜thank you’. Right at the time you had a miscarriage I had my third. And I was engulfed with a deep sense of sorrow when I came across your blog. Reading your post helped me cope. I knew there was a reason I came across you at that point of life (Allah works in mysterious ways) and I have been following you ever since. I wrote to you once that you have no idea the kind of impact you have on your readers and I truly meant it. Thank you so much and I truly look forward to meeting you properly.

    • 7beeeeebty wallah maga9artay Shaikha :*

      these things that make me really really happy & that I created my blog for a reason not just to post pictures & bla blah πŸ˜›

      Im so happy that we met even though we didn’t know that we’ve actually met hehe! Next time nshallah we’ll have more time to sit & chat!

      mwaaaah :*

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