Baby Jana’s 1st Photo Shoot


As every mother, we want to capture those beautiful moments before our children grow up so fast & then we will have only memories. I did alot of researching & googling regarding who’s the best photographer in town, found many & all are great but my gut told me to go with SayCheeez Studio. A lovely Kuwaiti girl that has a home studio where she captures beautiful pictures of your child. She has the patience to wait & take lots of pictures until she gets the right one & after that you choose which one you want!

I took many clothes for Juju but i didn’t realize that it’s gonna be a hassle & it was. She got very grumpy from all the changing & settings she had to go throw (7abibty) but at the end we were able to get beautiful pictures ❤ Can’t wait to see the final results!

The nutella shot was hilarious, a lil bit of chocolate came inside her tongue & she kept on moving her tongue all the time, until I wiped it out 😛

Thank you Dalal for your patience, it was nice dealing with you & great knowing we have such talent in our beautiful country.


KD 3 per shoot & it comes in 3 sizes (4×6, 13×18, A4) Printed & on CD

Call for appointment 55062262

Twitter: @Saycheeez_photo

Instagram: @SayCheeez_photo

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12 thoughts on “Baby Jana’s 1st Photo Shoot

  1. hahaha cuute JuJu is funny, I bet she looks soo beautifulish and cuutiiiish allah y7f’6 ha enshalla

  2. Cate

    Aww she’s so chubby and cute mashallah!

  3. iMaGiNaTiOn

    Inshallah you will love the shots because saycheeze has a quite reputation mashallah

  4. Hehehe that’s adorable yalla the first kid is always the guinea pig who gets bombarded with pretty pictures, dress up parties, and so much more hehe when the next kid comes hehe it’ll be less frequent 😛

    • loool yeah the 2nd is always the black sheep unless he/she is the last one then that wont be the case 😛

  5. Thxxxxxxx glbiiiii ! Luv u

  6. waaaai chalim qalbaaa

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