The Attitude of Bloggers

Some of us (bloggers) created our blog for a reason, whether it’s to write reviews about restaurants, to attend events & enjoy mingling with people, to post personal situations or experiences or help others, or to become a commercial blog. It’s your own choice after all it’s your blog but lets not forget about something important … Attitude.
It came to my attention that some bloggers’ attitude is changing to the worst, some of them insult small business, some of them reject invitations in a very rude way & some of them (get ready for this one) request 4 figures just to attend an event! Waaaaaat?! Seriously dear?! We know you’re extremely famous but u’re not the only blogger in the whole universe, others will do the job just fine & with a big smile on their faces to help small businesses grow. And get this dear, u’re the IT blogger now but u wont be after 2 yrs or so, sm1 will come along who will be much better than u n after that u’ll be begging for invitations just to save ur name!
Im writing this post because this isnt right ,,, we bloggers are supposed to help our community, to spread the word, to make life easier for others. If we dont want to attend an event or not interested in this particular topic to write on our blog then “politeness” is the right attitude. Dont believe yourself too much, sooner or later your fame & shining star will come to an end & fade in the dark.
Oh and some bloggers have conditions, No One Attends But Me ,,,, hhhmmm like what so special about you dear?! I dont know if they know this info but not all bloggers share the same readers, so you’re not شعب الله المختار.
Other bloggers are into taking over the social media of some companies because they know better ,,, listen to this: they meet you, greet you in other events but they dont invite you to the events of the company they’re working in, they only invite their friends ,,, that shows you that they have ZERO comprehension of what Social Media is!
To those bloggers who despise events and free offers and after a day or so you see them being offered a free meal n show their faces in every event in the country, oh n they happily write about it! Okay i dont get it, 1st u dont like the idea of free stuff n events but after that you write on ur blog that you got a free offer from a restaurant?! Dear, it’s either u set your standards right or just leave it like that no strings attached, no one is forcing u to be sm1 u r not, u’re the one who’s contradicting urself.There is also a new kind of bloggers who pretend to be they are more than one person but in reality its only one person ,,, camouflage much?! Whats the point dear?!

Some non Kuwaiti bloggers have nothing to do but bitch about our beautiful country Kuwait, they show you the worst side of it, keep on complaining forever like there’s nothing good or positive about this country ,,, if you dont like Kuwait at all then why do i keep seeing your ugly face in every event?! Why dont you just pack your thing n leave to your country n lets see what u’ll write about it. Also some non Kuwaiti bloggers think they know best in Kuwaiti politics, huh! Sucker for attention dear?! Kuwaitis didnt even bring the subject to their blogs, and you became an expert mashallah.For those bloggers who think they’re ver famous n busy talking to business owners about how great they are n how they’re very intelligent that they dont say Hello to u, they want u to come to them n say Hi, like shit!

One more thing, new bloggers plz plz plzzzzzzz stop mentioning your posts to us on twitter. We are not going to retweet it, got it?! Its not the right way to get attention, u’ll get it in time n it depends on how clever n hard-working you are ,,, and plz dont show the world that u’re getting alot of offers from alot of companies to attend events n take pictures when u’re just a bambino, we know u’re getting shit so plz, stop embarrassing urself dear.

My last point goes to the event organizers or owners ,,, they invite you once or twice but then they totally forget about you ,,, probably they didnt like the way you look?! Coz last time i checked all bloggers are very nice, cute, & adorable not to mention beautiful & elegant, so what’s the problem?!
P.S. to the new comers, be yourself, write your own words, don’t feel you’re forced to write otherwise, keep your attitude in its place no matter how famous u became & dont copy other bloggers to get the attention you’re seeking.
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16 thoughts on “The Attitude of Bloggers

  1. You are totally right .. and you brought my attention to a serious point .. Non Kuwaitis talking about politics … Once I was at Luscious Boutique support our lovely friend and a Jordianian guy came to me want to know about blogging and he jus tstarted his blog … and Guess what he said ” I wrote a post about the political status in Kuwait ‘ He said . So , in a polite way I asked him “mashallah shklk 3arf bel w’63 , shkthr 9arlk bel kuwait walla born here ? ”
    the shocking answer was … ” I just came here last month” He said . What on earth did you just say ? a month …. and writing about politics !!!! You gotta be kidding me … and his asked me the most stupid Q all new bloggers ask … How to get ads … It’s devastating dear

    • You’re not serious right? a month n he became an expert mshallah mashallah allahuma zeed o barek! leave the subject for its people, why get involved in smth u cant n wont ever comprehend! oooffff

  2. well well well, lets see whats in here, i would like to THANK YOUUUU for this , the attitude of bloggers is becoming a headache to me , i see a lot of incidents on twitter similar to this.. The blogosphere in kuwait is increasing we wall agree with this , more than 100 kuwaiti Blogs which is good , yet whats not good is amount of wasted info. in most of these blogs they act like a E-magazine or newspaper or a youtube Page.. which is not helpful..

    now as for the attitude (lol went too far ) . I agree with all what you did say up there , Rejecting invitattions impolitely , or If a Company did not invite You , why making a big fuss just because your a blogger! react politely for god’s sake , many companies didnt invite me and still they are not and i dont care… honestly life is moving on with me :p,

    There is a floating idea in here that Blogging in kuwait is a money Machine , just post some great shots Force every single user on twitter to read your post, and market a certain company to get great deal of money ,, THIS IS WRONG !! even most of companies dont understand whats the difference between each category of blogging..

    i think i ran away again from the main subject hehe ,, i dont understand why some blogs only explore and try hard to find whats Wrong in here , every negative thing in kuwait they would post about it … its not benefiting you nor your country.. show the good side , no good sides then criticize in a Fine effective way..

    Last but not least thanks for this post , you mentioned some points that was in my mind for a while , didnt have the good way to write it as yourself

    sorry 3l i6ala :p

    • you’re most welcome o gol elli tgola mako e6ala!

      elli y7er enhom ga3den bedeera o ytkalemon 3nha b6areeqa mo zeena 3al aqal e7tarmaw!

      o tara fe katha shaghli knt abi agolha bs neset 😛

      u’re welcome 😀

  3. very well said!

  4. Ahmed

    “There is also a new kind of bloggers who pretend to be they are more than one person but in reality its only one person”

    Really! what they r thinking?! loool

  5. ee wallla mshkel mshkel:P

    I remember some of my friends are shocked that im a blogger and they wanted me to be famous but I’m very shy and not into fame and so i mean it’s fun to be famous why not? but like I said I’m not clever and fun to be like those bloggers like yourself.

    plus im very busy with my job and boring routine, trying hard to learn about nutrition, thinking when to follow the proper diet, lost my flash camera to post on my blog, always pissed and complain at work with my colleagues, trying to find dawrat to get interested in…and totally forgot about blogging, and they forget me as well, but that’s life.. like I said people like you and them who are smart enough to post things continuously which I’m fascinated! keeep it up btw I’ll pass by rola’s salon spa thingy, shkla 3jeeeb thanks for sharing!

    • see if you do it out of passion & continuously, u’ll et there but sm people want that the moment they open their blogs, it took me more than a year to reach that point & it became suddenly, I didn’t seek it!

      n u’re a great blogger :* i swear love reading ur posts 😀

  6. Great post….

    Many bloggers are just looking at the commercial side of blogging (the numbers from views, hits, comments, followers etc) which is understandable in some cases. where they would churn many useless information and posts just to get traffic to their website. Not to mention from experience as an Ex-Blogger,many posts are being repeated (copy pasted) from successful blogs, where you would write about a random topic (not a special event) and after a couple of hours someone would write about it as well.

    As a successful start up business owner (Hamdillah), i noticed the new trend which business are growing towards. Example, When some event organizers want me to join their exhibition, i always ask how are you going to generate awareness (traffic) into your event. Their answer is always social media or what i like to call free advertising. Now don’t get me wrong, social media is a good marketing tool, however, im paying a hefty lump sum for a small area which in return 1 expect good publicity. i rather invest this amount instead on my client by giving them further discounts or free gifts!

    im not one to ask bloggers to talk about my business and write a good review at a price, instead i asses my business reach and how successful it is when a blogger randomly talks about my business, in this way im able to get the honest review which will help improve the business and achieve the differentiation im looking for in my business,

    Overall, all my respect goes to your amazing contribute as a (clean) blogger and to those fellow bloggers agreeing to your points. I’m not one to usually write comments, but this post ya 3al jar7!

    Keep up the good work!

    • 1st of all congratulations on your success!

      I have to agree with you on investing the money on ur customers free gifts & discounts but if u’ve just opened a store in a not that populated place, how will you promote it? you don’t have that money to publish an advertisement on newspapers & magazines! Your option will be an event inviting bloggers! There was this shop owner who gave bloggers free goodie bag with stuff inside it & also kept a great amount for her customers which is very nice! Also there’s another shop owner who prepares gifts for her 1st 10 customers, thats another great idea! And Social Media is the IT way to become noticed as a business owner! Some businesses are home base, they don’t have the money to open a store or create a mini company! You see blogs can help those new beginners, but some blogs are getting it the wrong way! Gimme 1000 & i’ll attend your event *stunned*

      Thank you for your nice words & wish you all the best 🙂

  7. Bravo ! thank you for that

  8. shes

    well said swera!

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