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It’s always fun & adventurous to try new dishes at Maki … It’s been my favorite Japanese Cuisine for years & will always be. Also it’s the restaurant where my husband & I went to eat at when we 1st got married, it has a special place in my heart ❤

Yesterday we had the chance to try new dishes & I’m telling you, day after day their dishes are getting more delicious & sophisticated. My husband wasn’t a fan of Japanese food at all but now he’s an addict 😛

Caviaroli Maki is one of the new sophisticated dishes that’s been added to the menu, here’s a little info about it;

Taking Japanese fusion cuisine to new heights, Maki pioneered a new, unprecedented concept across the globe that only Maki can think of. Olive oil caviar (encapsulated spheres of extra virgin olive oil), on top of a maki roll filled with delicious seafood, engulfed by a spinach wrap, and topped with special spices. To get a feel of what’s ahead: Take the first bite from the Caviaroli™ spoon, and feel the fresh, fruity burst of extra virgin olive oil. Then take one of the maki rolls and savor an emulsion of flavors. The succulence of prawn tempura, the softness of the sushi rice, the vigor of wild thyme, and the vitality of the spices, all topped with more Caviaroli™. Nothing like it! Maki uses this exclusively innovative product to not only enhance presentation and taste, but to also solidify their position as leaders in the market when it comes to elevating fusion Japanese cuisine to new  sophisticated levels!

I’d like to thank Mr. Toufic Salloum for having us again … It’s always a pleasure dining at Maki.

Let’s explore the new dishes & enjoy the pictures 😉


Maki Chef Special Salad

Ingredients; Black Tiger Shrimp, Rocket, Iceberg, Lollo Rosso, Cucumber, Carrot with Maki Special Sweet & Spicy Sauce.

Verdict; Verrrry delicious … You don’t want this dish to end, seriously!


Fried Kaki (Oysters)

Verdict; Beyond amazing, I love Oysters & the sauce beneath it made it more delicious. The taste strikes your tongue really hard. LOVED IT.


Akami Sushi

Verdict; Remember the huge Blue Fin Tuna that came to Kuwait? Well I got to try it & the taste was good … But I must say that not everyone like to eat such dishes. I enjoy them 🙂


Fresh Wasabi is available in the restaurant & you can request it.


I’ll write a complete post about Wasabi, how it’s made & from where they get it!


Ghena Maki

Ingredients; Salmon, Shredded Crabsticks Tempura, Rocket, Avocado, with Maki Special Extra Virgin Olive Oil & Maki Sauce.

Verdict; What can I say? Really Really amazing! The rocket gave this dish a unique taste.


Caviaroli Maki-The Star of Maki

Ingredients; Ume Plum wrap, Prawn Tempura, Crabsticks, Avocado & Thyme, topped with Extra Virgin Caviaroli Olive Oile spheres, and with Spinach Wrap on the outside sprinkled with Yuzu Flakes, togarashi & Sesame Oile.

How to eat this special maki? Enjoy a Caviaroli Spoon before eating the delicious maki.

Verdict; A mouth watering tastes but I must say that not everyone will enjoy it as much as I did … I’m a Caviar addict, I can eat it alone & enjoy its strong taste, now this time Extra virgin olive oil has been added to the mix … I’m in heaven!


Dr. Ali Maki

Ingredients; Salmon, Tempura Prawn, Philadelphia cheese, Cucumber,, Spinach, Sesame on top, Filo Crispy, Spinach Wrap with Maki Special Plum Sauce.

Verdict; Now I don’t know who Dr. Ali is but indeed he created a very yummy maki with the spinach wrap & the crispy filo, loved it.


Volcano Maki

I can’t say more about this dish, one of the old dishes maki & always a heart breaker, my husband’s favorite.


Seafood Yaki Udon

Ingredients; Pan Fried Wheat Noodles with Prawns, Crabsticks, Scallop, Cuttlefish, Shitake & Vegetables.

Verdict: If you love seafood then you’ll definitely love this dish … All of the sea meat in one dish (heaven). Also the sauce was very delicious.

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4 thoughts on “New Dishes @MakiRest

  1. pureorama

    great pics… if you don’t mind it how much does a meal for two based on the above cost there?

  2. awaaal 9oraa gtalatniii! 3awafiii :**

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