Dropping Luscious Boutique A Visit


Long time ago, I was invited by the lovely Hala Abu Alhasan to attend the opening of her store located in AlTejariya Tower. I had just gave birth so I couldn’t attend, after that she launched her winter collection & something came up & couldn’t go :/

A couple of days ago, I had the time to visit her beautifully decorated store & take some photos for you to enjoy.

Love you dear :* Wish you all the best ❤








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6 thoughts on “Dropping Luscious Boutique A Visit

  1. Looks great should pass by this week enshalla 😀

  2. Confused

    What did u buy for your self??
    By looking at the pictures, i dont think these clothes are very practical, they are mostly party wear….and by the decor of the shop i am sure the prices will be starting from 20 kd or more.
    So instead of buying clothes of a kuwaiti designer i may spend the same amount on Harvey Nicholas and get some thing branded.

    • Didn’t find my size, but if u do find a piece for 20 kd at Harvey Nicols plz do let me know!

      but I’d buy from her to support my friend & Kuwaiti youth!

      • Confused

        :)…. wow such a big shop and no sizes…i am impressed

      • I seriously dunno whats ur problem but it seems that u’re jealous of the girl for being that successful & opening her own store!

        I didn’t say there were no sizes, I said I didn’t find my size! It seems that u dunno how to read!

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