Couples & Their 1st NewBorn

That day I was reading an article by Samah in Zafaf Magazine about how the 1st baby affects the life of the parents. Indeed, it does affect the life of the couples, sometimes or most of the time it has a negative effect. You see, whatever you read or attend lectures about what to expect the 1st year from your baby, trust me, it won’t do you any good. You’ll have some info on how to deal with some of the situations you’ll encounter, but mentally & physically you’ll still feel that you’re not ready, & don’t forget the depression phase. Mine lasted only 10 days, it was horrible but thank god it ended, but it tends to stretch a bit longer with others.

About my experience, the 1st month Baby Juju was very quiet, she only eats & sleeps, but nowadays she’s becoming very active & she always wants to play or make her stand. I’m becoming very tired physically, the good part about this is that I’m losing weight without even trying 😛 my husband does help sometimes, when she’s in the mood to play & I’m tired, I give her to him & he knows how to make her happy. Sometimes, when he asks me to do something for him, I tell him “Ok I’ll do it” & after 5 minutes I totally forget abou it, because I’m busy all the time with Juju. It made him very upset because it happened alot, if not all the time 😛 Now, I’m using a reminder so I won’t forget to be able to balance my life with my Husband & with Baby Juju 🙂

The thing is if you get angry when he’s angry, life won’t continue smoothly. Yes you’re tired. Yes you’re busy all the time, Yes you want to sleep & rest. But we’re women, we were created to handle alot of difficult things & we can do it 🙂

Best of luck to the moms to be or the ones who just gave birth …. You’ll get irritated from your baby for 10 minutes but you’ll be over the moon when he/she smiles, make a new sound or a new move. They’re a great gift from Allah.

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