Fresh Blue Fin Tuna at @MakiRest


“At 206KG, this rare natural find will be portioned and presented at leading fusion Japanese chain Maki Restaurant Group’s locations for a very limited time. It is noteworthy to mention that this is considered the most valuable fish in the world. A typical tuna fish is divided into three sections as far as the meat is concerned. The “Akami” or “Maguro” which is the side section known for its lean meat. A bit fatty is the area immediately around the belly named the “Chu-toro”. The “prized” part is the fatty belly meat which is known for its extreme tenderness, and very distinctive, amazing flavor. It is very likely that such a fish will last for a maximum of one week before it is completely consumed by eager, awaiting gourmands. You may visit any Maki outlet and enjoy this delicacy as of January 15th.”


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