Bagel It Experience


Bagel business in Kuwait is very rare, I’ve heard about Heavenly Bagel & Bagel, but I decided to try Bagel it first because they come plain with spreads unlike Heavenly Bagel they come as in sandwiches.

I ordered a day ahead & the order arrived exactly on time or maybe earlier a bit. They were fresh & neatly packed. Each bagel comes with it 1 kind of spread (your choice). I chose Herb Cream Cheese, Sundried Cream Cheese & Plain Cream Cheese. My fav is the Herb Cream Cheese, comes after it the Sundried one. The bagels were delicious & fresh loved them. My only complain is the prices, I think the bagels are overpriced 0.750 per piece & that the minimum order is 6 pieces.

But honestly, I loved them & will def order from them again!


The spreads


A closer look; Plain, Olives, & Sesame


Herb Cream Cheese; Delicious


Sundried Cream Cheese; Yummmy


Plain Cream Cheese; Good

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2 thoughts on “Bagel It Experience

  1. BoHabash blog

    looks so yummy!.. Bel3afia 🙂

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