Book Review: The Girl You Left Behind


The story begins in 1961, when France was occupied by Germany. Sophie narrates her story through war time, how she misses her husband & the extreme measures she’s willing to take just to see her face. Her beauty attracts the eyes of a German Kommendant, he keeps on staring through her portrait (The Girl You Left Behind) which her husband drew. Sophie thinks that by getting close to the German Kommendant, she can get to see her husband … She risks everything!

After that the narrator is changed. Liv is a freelancer & a widow. Her husband bought the portrait of a beautiful woman from a lady in Barcelona a decade ago. After 4 years from David’s death, Live still cannot move on, until she meets Paul who works in a company that returns stolen/looted antics/painting through war time to their owners … Unfortunately, the painting that Paul is assigned to return is hanging on the wall of Liv’s Glass House. His job is to return this piece of art that worths millions to its owners, but he doesn’t want to destroy the relationship he’s building with Liv … What will he do?

Now, the story is beautiful, filled with real love & passion, pain & suffering, courage & pride. I felt the true love between Sophie & Eduard, between Liv & David ,,, But unfortunately, I didn’t feel the love between Liv & Paul, it didn’t feel real. The best part of the novel is when it goes back to France, to war time, you can see how people suffered & how many people were mistreated by their own people thinking they betrayed them but they were helping them without them knowing. The story of Sophie & Lillian broke my heart!

This is my first read for Jojo Moyes but it won’t be the last … Loved this novel.

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