GoodReads 2013 Challenge

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Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to complete my GoodReads challenge last year :/ . I got tired in the last stages of my pregnancy & then I got busy with my newborn. I wanted to read 50 books but I was able to read 25 only.

This year I’m challenging myself to read 40 books, hopefully I’ll be able to nshallah 🙂

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2 thoughts on “GoodReads 2013 Challenge

  1. It was an interesting challenge I started strong but then lost steam in the middle of the year and couldn’t achieve my 50 books a year goal.. This year I too lowered it to 40 and I think I’m on track now that I’ve finished reading 3 books in the first week of January hehe let’s see if I do 3 books a month I will probably achieve the goal before the end of the year inshalla 😀

    • Good for you wallah, go ahead & continue so u can get a rest after a while. I’m struggling to read fast coz I really don’t have that much time! Hopefully we’ll be able to complete this year;s challenge 😀

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