The Asian Side-Turkey


If you don’t have a planned day, then I advise you to explore the Asian side of Turkey. It’s very easy to reach & also cheap. From the same place of Princess’ Islands you can also head to the Asian side (Kadikoy). Get the boat from Kabatas for only 3 Liras & head to Kadikoy, when you reach there you’ll see a very crowded street, head right & walk inside the hallways, you’ll find many stores, cafes, restaurants & local supermarket. After that, go to Baghdad Street, the place is very beautiful & spacious. You’ll also find many cafes & restaurants. When you’re bored, go back to Kadikoy Iskilese & head back home 🙂














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2 thoughts on “The Asian Side-Turkey

  1. ozlem

    I’m very glad that you enjoyed vacation in Turkey. Kadikoy is my favorite place too. Last year I was so amazed seeing a lot of Kuwaities discovered Kadikoy. You can see all kind of people with harmony and many different culinaries at the same time. Shopping heaven also .. There are so many places that you should discover beylerbeyi, bagdat caddesi, bebek, emirgan and so on. Maybe you’ve already done :)) take care..

    • Hello Ozlem 🙂 yeah I did enjoy my time there, I went to Bagdad street, Bebek but the other places didn’t have time nshallah in my next visit … Turkey is a beautiful country 🙂

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