Love Valley-Cappadocia


Why it’s called Love Valley? Because all lovers used to have rendezvous there away from their families 😛 (e7na 3ndna share3 el7ob ohma 3ndehom wadi el 7ob). So they used to go out on dates there & watch the sunset together *sigh* how romantic. The very open space makes the place very very romantic, you just wanna cuddle & stare at the mountains & huge rocks.

There’s a mini cafe … I don’t know if you can call it a cafe but I suppose it is 😛 You can drink Turkish Tea & enjoy the cold weather. It was very called, the temperature was 0, but it was fun 🙂

Next post will be about Pigeons Valley 😉









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3 thoughts on “Love Valley-Cappadocia

  1. Hafsa

    lovelyyyyy….btw, where is the ‘share3 el hob’ here ?;) never heard of it before…:p

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