When I was preparing for this trip to Istanbul, I googled alot about the famous & amazing places in Turkey. I went to Istanbul 10 years ago, but this time I wanted something different & my husband never visited the country, so I thought it would be nice to discover new things with him instead of showing him the places I’ve already visited.

I stumbled upon alot of tourism websites, all had 1day tour to Cappadocia. I sent them all emails asking about the prices & everything. All of them gave me really high prices … My husband told me don’t worry, when we reach there we’ll search for tourism offices & we’ll be able to deal with them. And we did 🙂

When we were walking in SultanAhmet (TramVay Street), we’ve found many tourism offices, most of them gave us high prices, but we found one office called Adventures Tourism, he gave us a good deal, but we managed to lower the price 😛 200 euros per person, around 75 kd, from door to door, & lunch included. We booked our trip & waited for the day to come.


It was Friday 14th of Dec. We woke up 4:00 am in the morning. Our vehicle was waiting for use, we left from the hotel around 4:30 am, reached Sabiha Airport around 5:20 am, our flight took off at 6:20 am on Pegsus Airlines.


We reached Kayseri 7:30 am. Waited for our transportation, & also waited for other people to arrive. We left the airport around 8:15 am & reached Goreme at 9:15 am. The driver dropped us to our pick up point (Hotel) & later on our tour guide Rajab arrived. He welcomed us to Cappadocia, & he explained to us where we will go & what we will see. 2 Japanese girls were also with us, they were very sweet & nice


The trip was very tiring but amazing. We saw alot of beautiful places, some I didn’t want to leave, I just wanted to sit there & stare at the open space. The temperature was very low, when we reached Kayseri it was -3, then it became 0 around noon, afternoon it reached 2 & after that it started dropping & the weather became very cold. A lil bit of snow was there from the day before.

As I said the trip was really long & we saw many places, therefore posts will be divided 🙂






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