One of the most amazing places I’ve ever visited … Cappadocia-Goreme.

Before you head to Turkey, plan your trip to Cappadocia & stay there 2days (1night). Or if you don’t have the time to stay there, then take the 1day trip just like we did. I took alot, I mean ALOT of pictures. The place was beyond marvelous, & I wanted to share it with you. Therefore, Cappadocia posts will be divided into many parts.

But let me start with some info about our trip. The cost is reasonable, 200 euro per person around 75kd; hotel airport transportation to Sabiha International airport (1hr), 1hr flight to Kayseri, airport hotel transportation to Goreme (1hr), pick up from hotel in Goreme, visiting all of South Cappadocia (6 places), lunch included, hotel airport transportation (1hr), flight back to Sabiha airport (!hr), airport hotel transportation (1hr). We had to wake up around 4am in the morning, because our pick up transportation was at 4:30am. & we got back home around 10pm. 18hrs trip, totally worth it. Don’t let tourism offices fool you with their prices, unless you’re going their in summer then it will be really expensive.

The weather was very cold, when we reached Kayseri at 8am it was around -3, then it reached 0, in the afternoon it became 2, after that the temperature  started dropping down. We saw a lil bit of snow from the day before, good thing we had clear weather, otherwise pictures wouldn’t have been this good 😉

Stay tuned for alot of amazing pictures & new information about this place.

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