Princess’ Islands-Turkey (Part 1)


Princess’ Islands are one of the amazing placing that you must visit in Turkey. They’re located in the Asian side. If you’re residing in the European side (like us), take the ferry boat from Kabatas (Kabatash). It will take around 1:30 hrs, you’ll pass by all of the 4 islands. The famous one is the last & it’s the biggest.

P.S. Don’t let any tour agency fool you by arranging a tour to this island. It’s very easy & cheap. The ferry boat ticket (coin) is 10 Liras round trip. The horse ride 60 Liras for 45 minutes with 10 minutes stop at the top & then you can choose your own cafe.

When you reach there, you’ll see many cafes & restaurants along the shore. You can explore the island by foot, rent a bicycle or take a horse ride. We took the horse because it’s faster & easier πŸ˜›

The pictures in this part will be about the ferry boat ride, few pictures of the 1st 3 Priness’ Islands & the beginning of our trip in the biggest Island.


This is the place from where you take the ferry boat. You’ll fine machines on the right side, insert 5 liras & get your coin/ticket


The boat from the inside


Drinking tea


the view from the boat


1st island pier


View of the 1st island


2nd island pier


view of the 2nd island


3rd island pier


view of the 3rd island


4th island … this is the IT island, the biggest one


Pier of the 4th island




a quick stop at Mado, one of the most famous cafes in Turkey. Try the Mixed Dessert Platter.


You can rent a bicycle


Or you can walk …


Or you can enjoy a horse ride πŸ˜‰

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3 thoughts on “Princess’ Islands-Turkey (Part 1)

  1. Mashalla it looks gorgeous I’m glad you’re enjoying your time!

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