Khurasani Restaurant-SultanAhmet


I’ve read about this restaurant on TripAdvisor & had to try it because the reviews were tempting. It’s located in SultanAhmet area, near the mosques. If you go to the tramvay & ask for directions, people will help you & you’ll find it easily. The restaurant is very cozy & the space is kinda good. The service is also good, the waiters know how to smile unlike other restaurants. The food is amazzzzzzing & very delicious. The price is OK, but it was the only restaurant that took %10 service, i dunno why!

Let’s explore the dishes …




Delicious bread


Stuffed Aubergine with Vegetables 

Ingredients: deep fried aubergine stuffed with sauteed tomato, green pepper, garlic, onion, & pinenutes.

Verdict: delicious


Stuffed Calamari with Mussels

Ingredients: Calamari stuffed with Barley mussels & spices.

Verdict: a dish to die for, & the sauce is beyond amazing, you have to try it.


Chicken Horasani

Ingredients: Chicken pieces with fresh onion, garlic, pastrami, pinenuts, & parsley mushrooms.

Verdict: it was ok, not that wow.


Kele Cosh (Traditional Antolian)

Ingredients: Chopped lamb, butter & yogurt, mint & bread, baked in the oven,  served in terracota pot.

Verdict: A MUST EAT DISH … me and my husband loved it. We forgot about the chicken & kept on eating from this dish, very delicious,


The bill … around KD18 something like that!


After you finish eating, you can enjoy walking in this beautiful street

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4 thoughts on “Khurasani Restaurant-SultanAhmet

  1. Lauren

    The pictures are wonderful..I haven’t been to Istanbul for a few years. I just want to mention that the restaurant you ate at charged you way too much. I know Istanbul well and especially the area you were in. You should be paying 1/2 what you paid and then expect a 5 star. Hope you enjoy your time there.

    • Hey Lauren, Yeah I know … I’ve been to Istanbul before, prices are way too high! but the food was marvelous!

  2. Lauren

    There was a fantastic place on the Asian side of Istanbul called Manti house (in Turkish but for the life of me I forgot the name- it had the words manti and ev in it haha) Anyway if you eat out at any restaurants that have manti try some and take a picture for me. I miss it!!

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