Bloggerettes Night @BrushCafe

The lovely PinkGirl organized an event at Brush Cafe (Odailiya, behind Kababji) & gathered us all. It was very easy to fin the cafe, the cafe was cozy & warm in the rainy weather. The decoration was very creative along with the menu & the sandwiches names. All about artists.

Regarding the food, I’ve tried the avocado shrimp salad which turned out to be amazing, but couldn’t stay to try the sandwiches or the dessert. Dad called me, & informed that baby Juju has made a big mess lol so I had to rush back home & change for her 😛

The gathering was beautiful, loved it & for sure I’ll be going back to Brush Cafe for a quiet night out with hubs away from The Avenues hassle 😀

Thank you Pink & Brush Cafe for having us 😉

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4 thoughts on “Bloggerettes Night @BrushCafe

  1. مره كيوت فكرة الاضاءه والمنيو
    كيف طعم الاكل؟

  2. walaaa istamta3naaa il7imdilaaah, a7la shay inha 9arat chinha tasyooraa

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